Author(s): Harimohan Soni and Rajiv Varshney

The radiation continuously emitted by the sun is the inexhaustible source of energy which is the root of almost all forms of energy renewable as well as non- renewable; the only exceptions being geot hermal energy and nuclear energy. The use of solar energy for desalinating seawater and brackish well water has been demonstrated in several moderate-sized pilot plants worldwide. Most important features of solar still which affect the performance of solar still are basin area, slope of glass cover and depth of water. Many researchers and developers introduced internal reflectors, stepped solar still, varying the shape of glass cover, increasing the slope of glass cover, internal and external reflectors to increase the productivity of solar still. In this review, an attempt has been made to study the present status of different designs used to improve the productivity of conventional solar stills. Keywords: Stepped solar still, inclined type solar still, flat basin with reflectors, desalination

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