Harmonization in Technical Writing

What is Scientific writing:
Good research is meaningless unless it can communicate the findings in a clear and interesting way. The days in which scientific papers were works of great literature is past but we can still strive to make our writing informative and worth reading.

Woods (1989) writes ‘The purpose of any writing other than lecture notes or pieces that start with “Dear Diary” is to influence your reader. If you are writing great fiction you may move your reader to tears. This can also happen with scientific writing, but generally you do not want to make your reader weep.’ It will not be exaggerated if we say some time the type and quality of technical writing decides the fate of a research.

Each and every passage written would be liked by the readers only when it is grasping and easily understood by them. Technical writing discourages the fashion of using difficult and uncommon words, but the words which can express the feelings of writers are appreciated. This is not a habiit and can not be acquired in one day or two. It needs a lot dedication and patience to acheive the objective. As they say “One who do not read can not write well”. So experience is another considerable quality for being a good technical writer.

Why there is need of technical writing:
Now a days many literatures are available in almost each and every field of sceince like medicine, healthcare, technology etc. But still the selection among them is made truely on the basis of their expressiveness. Many literatures such as research articles, review articles, case reports, book, chapters, lab manual, lab reports etc could not get recognized and lacked behind because of their writing manner.

Proof check of any kind of writing from the experienced is always advisable before it is communicated to the world for reading. This can eliminate many errors at primary stage. So to get the true value of hard work it is much necessary to present it in a best way possible to reach larger no. of readers. In present era of competetion at national and international front it is becoming a bit difficult and needs the involvement of an expert.

Why we should write for you:
Now a days many literatures are available. We have a large team of reputed, enthusiastic, competitive, skilled, smart and experienced writers across the world and the decades of their experience in research and writing speaks of their profundity and erudition. We are working as a team to achieve our targets successfully.

Quality writing:
We provide a single platform to reach various writers around the globe, who can write for you. Quality writing free from various Plagiarism is our main motive so that it can be reached out to the maximum no. of readers.

The safety of your work is our utmost priority. So we get the agreement signed from all the writers and customer to maintain the privacy of document. We do not support any kind of illegal concern and authorities.

Time management:
With strong belief in the saying that “Time is money”, we work in very strict time bound manner to avoid any inconvinience to our customer. During major projects, which require a long time progress report of the work is communicated to customer from time to time.

After an expert finishes writing the document it is sent for three blind proof readings. And only after thorough proof reading it is sent back to the customers.

What we offer?

  • Assistance to research/ review paper writing.
  • M. Pharm dissertation writing.
  • M. Tech. dissertation writing.
  • Synopsis writing.
  • Ph.D. Thesis writing.
  • Project proposal writing for seeking grants.
  • Interpretation of data analytical studies. Like FTIR Spectroscopy, Mass, NMR, UV spectroscopy etc.
  • Literature survey.
  • Statistical Analysis of data collected from studies.
  • Preparation of Powerpoint presentation.
  • Web Designing & Development

How can you approach us:
As deciding the mob of reader is the major considerable factor for writing, hence we encourage custormers to communicate with us electronically so that all the horizons of the matter can be explored and write ups must reach a larger population.
Customers are rquested to write us at : project@johronline.com