Author(s): Maninder Kaur Walia

Over the time the traditional paan is changed many a times to fit the modern culture and taste. Creativity just flows in such products, for example Chocolate paan, fire paan, icecream paan etc. But ev en after so much customization of paan to grab the modern taste, likings and also with such great health benefits of its own (100% Tobacco free & Nicotine free paan), the consumption of paan is very low in urban culture. Rather they go for the cigarette, Tabaco and other harmful products for refreshments. Here is where our research comes in to find out the reasons why people don’t prefer eating paan as a digestive product after lunch or dinner or whether it be for mid-day refreshment (mouth freshener). The research consists of understanding the consumption patter of paan on urban territory and reason why paan consumption is low in the upper middle class and higher class population. It also consists the reasons why people do not consume paan, Is it the product which the consumers are not liking it, is it the taste or is it the packaging or do we just need brand repositioning to change the perspective of people towards paan. The researcher has followed a qualitative as well as a quantitative research design and analyzed the consumption patter and reasons of the demand for paan in urban culture specially in the upper middle class and higher class income group.Hence with the findings to start a food startup which will penetrate the market and will replace the habits of the consumers which are leading to the bad health. Example: To reduce the consumption of Cigarette, Mint and other mouth fresheners. It will also help to create the awareness of the varied health benefits of the paan. And to reposition the product paan in the market.