Author(s): Ashish Jaiswal*and Sachin Raghuwanshi

India hosts the largest population of disabled people in the world. According to census 2011, about 2.68 cr individuals in India are disabled constituting almost 2.2 percent of the entire population. A majority of the disabled have been marginalized, as the society is often seen neglecting the needs and rights of the disabled persons, forgetting that they are also human beings and have the same urge to live a happy successful life like any other person. To find a life partner and to share one’s life with him/her is one such need, that every individual hopes for irrespective of his/her dis/ability. However, the general perception of the society about disability has not changed much viz-a-vis marriage. In a country like India, with unqualifying social stigma and taboos surrounding marriage, that it is almost impossible for the disabled to find the right partner and get married. Wanted Umbrella is startup matrimonial site that binds lonely hearts of differently abled persons. It provides a platform for through which differently abled persons can connect with the like-minded for the purpose of marriage. “Wanted Umbrella” was founded in 2015 by KalyaniKhona, as India's very own urban match-making agency for differently-abled people. Since then the base of Wanted Umbrella has grown many folds bringing the joy of matrimony to many of its customers, which otherwise would have been impossible in a society like ours where matrimonial hunt for couples is being brokered mostly by relatives.This indeed is a commendable initiative taken by Wanted Umbrella to address the issue of match making for disabled which often is neglected in society at large.With more than 2 percent of the population deemed as disabled, Wanted Umbrella has still a long way to go bringing the joy of matrimony to all who seek it, irrespective of their dis/ability.