Author(s): Rakhi Gupta, Gajraj Singh Ahirwar

Banking is to be considered as unadulterated budgetary assistance industry and liable for the banking improvement of an economy up to extraordinary degree. Satisfaction of customers is the crucial for holding existing customers and pulling in imminent customers to augment the degree of operational exercises in any worry. In India, Private and Public banks are rendering money related services. The Policies and Strategies of Private and Public banks are diverse that drives variety in the customers' satisfaction level. This paper attempts to quantify satisfaction level of customers of Public and Private Banks and calculates liable for variety customers' satisfaction among Private and Public banks in India. The target of the research is to get the satisfaction level, varieties in satisfaction level and reasons liable for varieties in satisfaction level or disappointment out in the public and private banks. This exploration depends on essential information’s acquired from customers of Public and Private parts banks in India. Generally speaking, Customers of Private and Public segment banks are satisfied with the exception of some effects and social elements of the banks representatives because of the approaches, methodologies for physical assets and wastefulness of the workers. In this way, there are have to consider physical assets and social components of the workers to upgrade the degree of satisfaction in Public banks.