Author(s): Bhagyshri Khorgade, Prof. Achint Chugh

Mobile ad hoc Networks (MANET) is associate promising technology and have large prospective to be operative in essential things like battlefields and industrial applications like traffic investigatio n, building, surroundings looking and sensible homes and far of additional things. one in every of the key challenges in wireless device networks face presently a days is security. During this paper we tend to planned a profile based mostly protection scheme PPS security scheme against jamming attack. These kings of attacks are flooding access quantity of excess packets in network by that the network bandwidth are consumed by that information delivery in network are affected. Our main aim is visualized the results of jamming attack in network and establish the node or nodes that are affected the network performance by flooding unwanted packets in network. The profile based mostly security scheme are check the profile of every node in network and only the attacker is one in all the node that flooded the excess packets in network then PPS has block the performance of attacker. The performance of network is measured on the idea of performance metrics like routing load, output etc. The simulation results are represents a similar performance simply just in case} of traditional routing and in case of PPS scheme; it means the PPS scheme is effective and showing 0% infection in presence of attacker. Keywords— MANET, Jamming Attacks, Defensive mechanisms, PPS.