Author(s): Syed Khalid Mustafa

Abstract Ca (H2PO4)2 is a chemical fertilizer, commercially known as superphosphate and commonly known as bone-ash and usually sold in open market for agriculture purposes. Whatever, whenever, whereve r and whensoever phosphate fertilizer is given to the standing crop only 20% of phosphate is taken up and utilized by the crop and the rest 80% is remain suspended in the soil, unless until the microbial activity is not interacting with the suspended phosphate parties. Especially microbes, lower algae and Azolla have the capacity to utilize this suspended phosphate particles through their metabolic activity. Different species of Azolla, distilled water, Natural Pond water and superphosphate were taken to the laboratory and successive observations were noted from 1st June (2014) upto May 31st (2015) and again from 1st June (2015) up to May 31st (2016).