Author(s): Minu Madlani and Mukesh Kanojia

The modern business world is the era of E-technology. E-technology plays significant role in developing entrepreneurship in the current world. Shaping up of ideas into commercial business becomes sm ooth and easy due to utilization of e technology. The use of technology has been on the rise since the start of early 2000. The integration of technology with business coined the term of e-commerce which has received impetus due to the availability of gadgets. In India the young population is techno friendly. The start up companies uses the e technology to promote their business by way advertisement, buying and selling of goods, feedback from the stakeholders, they are inclined for different apps as well as tailor made software for the set up. In the world of global business e technology has gained importance and contributed immensely towards progress of the world in respect of research and development, communication, correspondence, marketing activities, advertising. The major contribution is in media world. In everyone’s walks of life E Technology has captured in terms of agriculture sector, service sector, manufacturing industry, IT industry etc. E technology generates employment opportunities as inculcating professional and dynamic skill among youth which lead to entrepreneurship development. The nations growth and development depends upon e technology. For, instance the developed countries like Japan, Germany, United States of America etc. The outcome of start up companies due to utilisation e technology are Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon is the biggest online selling company is the outcome of e technology. The Chinese company MI Redmi phone, Television, gadgets, health band promoted their products through online which resulted good market share in mobile and electronic industry and now the production of MI products are manufactured in India as made in India. E technology plays significant role by helping commercial organisation to start up their business in the world of globalisation in respect of raising capital, conducting research, market evaluation, enhancing market, channel of distribution etc. To conclude that the human life is not restricted only to Food, Clothing, Shelter, Entertainment, Education but also e technology.