Author(s): Jaspreet Kaur

As stated by Afred Mercier-“What we learn with pleasure we never forget”.Hence,we should have such a way of imparting value education through English language that a student never forgets it. The mai n focus of this paper is on the values and morals that play a role in English language teaching and also defines terms such as values and morals from a general educational perspective. The objective of this paper is two fold. On one hand, it describes the need of value based education and on the other hand it focuses on how English language can be an effective tool to inculcate values in students. It also emanates light on how specific values may be taught by language through communication skills and special varieties of language in specific areas .It has also tried to focus on a few strategies that might help in learning English language with better values. Keywords: Value, Education, English, Language, Morals, Communication.