Author(s): Shalu Jain and Alka Thakur

This paper presents a mathematical model for the analysis of Matrix Converter (MC). The converter system is modeled in Matlab/Simulink environment using Sim-power block-sets. Simulations are carried out at different switching frequencies in view to analyze the effect on harmonic distortion of output voltage. The simulation results are verified using a prototype. The open loop speed-torque characteristic of Induction Motor (IM) is also studied. A novel four-quadrant vector controlled induction motor (IM) adjustable speed drive ( ASD ) system based on a recently proposed matrix converter topology called quasi-Z-source direct matrix converter (QZSDMC). The QZSDMC is formed by cascading the quasi-Z-source impedance network and the conventional direct matrix converter (DMC). The QZSDMC can provide buck-boost operation with voltage transfer ratio controlled by controlling the shoot-through duty ratio and bidirectional operation capability. The control strategy, which is based on the indirect field oriented control algorithm, is able to control the motor speed from zero to the rated value under full load condition during motoring and regenerating operation modes. The operating principle of the proposed system is presented in detail. Keywords-Direct matrix converter (DMC), indirect field oriented control (IFOC), induction motor (IM), quasi-Z-source converter (QZSC), quasi-Z-source DMC (QZSDMC), Z-source converter (ZSC).

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