Author(s): Naveen Malik, Naeem Akhtar, Pankaj Sharma, Rahul, Hardeep Rohilla

J2EE architecture has various complicated layers which includes client, presentation, business logic and data persistence layer. There is respective data presentation in applicable layer of J2EE, with strictly rules to access and transform data objects in between these layers. In J2EE, it should control the access to data persistence layer to protect important enterprise data and avoid showing the database pattern to client directly. The data persistence layer lies behind the business logic layer and provides business interfaces via the business logic layer to communicate with the presentation layer to package the data persistence layer, separates the data persistence layer from the presentation layer. This paper contains middle-ware technology which is the kernel and key to the solution of the dynamic E-business system through analyzing J2EE architecture, MVC design pattern, the component technology of JSP, Servlet and EJB etc. J2EE technology and MVC design pattern can simplify the software development, improve the software performance and quickly construct the dynamic E-business system of the good extensibility, maintainability, dependability and high usability.