Author(s): Annissa Muhammed, Belayneh Bufebo, Eyasu Elias

This review was made in Nech Sar national park which is one of the protected areas of Rift valley in Ethiopia. The objective of this review was to assess the potential and threats on Nech Sar nationa l park to be an indicator for the better management of protected area in the country Ethiopia. The methodology followed was mainly reviewing articles from known journals, reports and thesis pertinent to the topic. The available materials were systematically selected on the basis of content, relevance and their publication time and concrete evidence were presented about the current status of the park. Nech Sar national park is among IUCN category II National Park in Ethiopia and established in 1974 to conserve the endemic Swayne’s hartebeest and other key species as well as preserving its scenic beauty. The park’s landscape includes extensive grasslands, savannah, mountains and hills and has a variety of habitats ranging from savannah, dry bush and ground water forests (EWNHS, 2001). However, this Park is not yet gazetted. The problems are more intensified and the wildlife population has gradually declined from time to time. Some of the major problems that contribute to the destruction of natural habitats, and hence wildlife in NNP were overgrazing by livestock, deforestation for agricultural expansion and harvesting fuel wood (charcoal and firewood) (NNP annual report,2010). Based on our intense review we conclude that to preserve the floral and faunal diversity and to conserve the scenic features and natural resources within the park win-win approach should be established to resolve the conflict of interest among the park administrator and the local community.