Author(s): Dr. Vishal Sood

Intellectual Property is a two fold edged sword for money related administrations organizations. The individuals who have understood its advantages have included noteworthy esteem and a focused edge to their tasks. The individuals who have fallen foul of it are no doubt as yet considering the consequences. Financial services organizations who have not yet valued the pertinence and significance of Intellectual Property to their organizations would accordingly be all around encouraged considering the expanding interrelationship amongst IP and money related administrations. Intellectual Property Right (as it is better known) may in the past have been the protest of the music, extravagance buyer products and pharmaceutical enterprises, the potential effect on, and significance of IP to, money related administrations was as of late brought into sharp concentration by case incited against the European Central Bank for its affirmed encroachment of an outsider hostile to forging innovation licenses. This occasion has provoked money related administrations organizations to understand that they are not invulnerable from assault and should accordingly evaluate their suit presentation and general IP position