Author(s): R.K.Kushwaha, Ram Pravesh

India’s push to recoup from the most extreme economic slowdown in years is being hampered as the corona virus burdens development, upsets industry and the ailment begins to spread inside the nation. As of not long ago, India was the world's quickest developing huge economy. in any case, development has tumbled as of late. India’s economy is less coordinated with china than those of huge numbers of its Asian nations; which experts state has helped constrained the prompt agony. Corona virus downturn alludes to a financial downturn which may occur over the world economy in 2020 because of the 2019–20 corona viruses pandemic. In order to achieve the aims, only secondary sources of data are used. In this study, the research design will be descriptive research design. Objectives of this study behind this research article which we are going to conduct on the socioeconomic impact of the Covid19 pandemic in India.

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