Author(s): Dr Jones Osasuyi Orumwense and Dr Greefield Mwakipsile

The study looked at determining the influence to teamwork towards achievement of organizational goals, a case of selected organizations in Lagos, Nigeria. The main purpose of the study was to establ ish the influence of teamwork towards achievement of organization goals in selected organization in Lagos, Nigeria. The required data was collected from various organizations in Lagos Nigeria, through questionnaire guides for primary data and secondary data being the library, internet and analyzed using SPSS. The study was conducted through descriptive survey and correlation research design, quantitative approach with a questionnaire and includes 100 respondents from selected manufacturing companies in Lagos, Nigeria. The key findings of the study reveal that; there is a strong relationship between the workers and the teamwork in their organization, the roles of team work in organization are very significant to achievement of organization goals, the level of team development in most of the organization is high, many of the respondent were not decided on this matter, most organizations do not offer rewards to its members employees who participate and promote team work for the achievement of organizational goals, team work is seen as an important tool in realization of organization’s goals and effectiveness, some organizations which do not carry out team work may not be able to attain their organizational goals to meet their minimum expectations, there is a very high relationship between teams and organizational goals, among others. The study therefore recommends that; the organizational goal by sensitizing its employee’s members to always consider it as a source of achieving set organizational goals; and also, the organizations should also consider offering rewards to those identified persons in promoting realization of organizational goals as a result of team work.