Author(s): Karan Bhasin, Nikisha Kukreja

As India talks about electrification of cars by India, till 2030, carmakers are the ones that are going to make all the difference in getting there. Indian government in return has also planned on ass isting the movement of electrification of transport vehicles due to several environmental problems in the country. The biggest name in the Electrical vehicle industry thus far is Tesla, Inc. Elon Musk, CEO and Founder of Tesla Inc, has himself shown interest in launching Tesla cars in India, although the vehicles sold by them are going to appeal to the higher class, majority of India consists of middle class society. This opens up huge markets for start-ups with mid-range value cars. This brief original paper reports on India’s current acceptance towards Electric Vehicles (EV) and whether electric cars have the potential to dramatically change the automotive industry in India. It also highlights the strategy used by Tesla Inc. and other EV manufacturers which is useful data for a start-up in EV industry in India. The methods used for this Argumentative Research Paper’s Data collection are of two types, Primary and Secondary Methods. Primary Data is collected for the first time via questionnaire data collection using Simple Random Sampling Method. The secondary data is the data which has already been collected by different sources and mediums – Internet, Magazines, and Newspapers.