Author(s): Intellectual Property Rights, Copyrights, Patents

With the start of the new information economy age, the old and a portion of the current administration builds and methodologies would need to change. The learning economy puts a mark of significance on considering and running information based resources, for example, developments and know-how. The term for picking up learning is these days an imperative parameter for choosing the accomplishment of an organization, venture, government and industry; the shorter the time better are the odds of achievement. Protected innovation Rights (IPR) have turned out to be critical in the time of differing exchange condition which is portrayed by the highlights to be specific worldwide rivalry, high advancement dangers, short item cycle, requirement for fast changes in innovation, high interests in innovative work (R&D), generation and promoting and requirement for profoundly talented HR. Topographical hindrances to exchange among countries are crumbling because of globalization, an arrangement of multilateral exchange and another rising financial request. Every one of these elements requests a careful examination on the IPR status in India. In this paper the consciousness of Indian corporate houses in regards to their IP rights will be contemplated and future prospects will be determined.