Author(s): Puja Choudhary.

Although used by millions of people, the bus travel industry in India was highly splinter as well as untidy. Key issues with the then-existing model was the communication gap between the travel agents and the customers .This startup was based on one of the co founder’s real life experience . He wanted to go from Bangalore to Hyderabad for Diwali, but could not go due to lack of access to the availability of tickets .It was not only he but also the entire public who faced various challenges due to non access of tickets .He saw a huge opportunity through these available but un booked seats .His engineering instincts persuaded him to think deeper into the situation. Then, they found cyberspace as the best ground to deliver all this information and make electronic commerce to purchase return bus tickets which was the chief trending issues. This paper attempts to probe as well as figure out the extent of the transmutation and its repercussions by pivoting on red bus. It itemizes the challenges foregathered by redbus which currently covers ecologically 4/5 of the whole market. Redbus has proved to the world that thinking out of box would yield excellent results. Redbus today is one of the most successful online ticket booking agencies. Today it has 2000 bus operators, more than 10000 buses listed on it, covering over 100,000 routes across countries and sells about 5000above tickets every day. This mode will also let the bus service management to detect their booked tickets statistics online which diminishes the human error in offline bus ticket booking method, enlarge exactness and magnify the mould ability of facts processing. It also has a sophisticated, easy to use and a good user interface which enables the customers to perform their online transaction smoothly. The journey of redbus has been amazing and an eyeopener to all the budding entrepreneurs.