Author(s): Michael T. Deans

When a silica helium thermometer immersed in liquid nitrogen gave surprizing readings, I proposed ice crystallizing on it had changed shape to accommodate water molecules’ irregular shape. Now known as ‘ice XIc’, it formed on primordial Earth’s poles, releasing latent energy as ? ~ 4? infrared laser light. Polarized by multiple reflection, it photo-phosphorylated deoxynucleotides on tropical water surfaces, creating chiral DNA. ‘Transport DNAs’ created H-bond-lined pores through proto-cell membranes. Ice-light drove a ratchet mechanism feeding them with substrates. Life originated when tDNAs replicated, their descendants govern metabolism, proteins and enzyme catalysis evolved later,~2,000/cell now complement barrels of ?-helices. Deficiencies of the trace-elements they deploy as carriers explain common disorders. Hairpin proteins bind DNA, forming ‘minions’, they pack chromosomes, enable error-free replication and maintain sequence integrity. Their proton-ordered H-bond arrays oscillate constituting biological clocks, default settings store intellectual data. Replacing carbon chemistry with energetic simplifies science. Artificial intelligence modeled on minions would help diplomats forge agreements, scientist collaborate and select marriage partners. Organelles commensurate with ?mediate biological energy coupling, accounting for muscle contraction and photosynthesis. Minion tunnels accelerate protons, fusing with nuclei obstructing them and emitting ?-rays; using these to supply power might resolve climate change.

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