Author(s): Vandana Deshmukh, Varsha Zade*

Objective: To study the potential abortifacient activity of the Trichyspermum ammi seed extract(aqueous, alcoholic and petroleum ether) in female albino rats. Methods: Pregnant rats weighing 1 20 to 200 gm were randomized into 10 groups. Rats were laprotomised on 10th day of pregnancy and live fetuses were observed in both the horns of the uterus. Rats in group 1 (control) were orally administered, with 0.5 ml of distilled water once daily while those in group 2 to 10 (experimental groups) were administered 100, 200 and 400 mg/kg body weight doses of aqueous, alcoholic , ether extract of the Trichyspermum ammi seed respectively. The doses were administered from day 11th to 15th of pregnancy of rats and then the animals were allowed to go full term. Results: All the three extracts of Trichyspermum ammi seed exhibited abortifacient activity( 33.61- 100%). The % of abortion was found to be highest (100%) with 400 mg/kg dose of alcoholic and ether extract of. Trichyspermum ammi seed. There was reduction in the level of FSH and LH hormone, while level of estrogen increased however there was slight decrease in the level of progesterone hormone. The estrous cycle in rats treated with aqueous, alcoholic and ether extract extract reduced duration of estrous and metestrous phases and on the other hand it was also characterized by a prolongation of the diestrous phase. Conclusion: The study has provided evidence for the abortifacient activity of all the three extracts of Trichyspermum ammi seed. However the abortifacient properties were found to be more pronounced at dose of 400, 400 and 100 mg/kg body weight aqueous, alcoholic and ether extract respectively. Keywords: Abortifacient activity, Trichyspermum ammi , Post Implantation loss, Resorption , Estrous cycle, hormonal assay, female Albino Rat