Author(s): Shripad Ingale, Beere Nagaraju, Shriram Lad, Shivshankar Gunjegaonkar, Dr Ravi CM, Ali Bolouri, Surendranatha A, Dr Bhushanam YC

Background and Objectives: The use of Myristica fragrans as an anxiolytic agent has been mentioned in the ayurveda but still no study has been reported. The present study was evaluated for its anxiolytic activity using Open field model. Methods: In the open field test, the parameters measured were ambulation, rearing, grooming, and fecal pellets.
 Results: In the open field test the Myristica fragrans at doses of 25mg/kg and 50mg/kg significantly increased the number of ambulations and rearing. The Myristica fragrans at doses 25mg/kg and 50mg/kg significantly decreased the number of grooming and fecal pellets. Myristica fragrans showed anxiolytic activity in dose dependant manner. Interpretation and conclusion: Myristica fragrans at doses of 25mg/kg and 50mg/kg possess anxiolytic activity in the model tested and was found that higher dose (50mg/kg) was more significant than lower dose (25mg/kg). More investigations are necessary to prove the anxiolytic activity of Myristica fragrans by other models. Further the molecule responsible for the anxiolytic activity can be separated and identify the mechanism of action.