Author(s): Harish Gupta, Shubhangi Dwivedi, Abhijit Dubey and Peeyush Jaiswal

In the present review, we integrate the botanical, phytochemical, ethnomedicinal, pharmaco-logical information on Elaeocarpus ganitrus belongs to family Elaeocarpaceae. The ancient Yogi's extensivel y explained about useful healing powers of Rudraksha bead. When time is passed over the year people gained Rudraksh beads as their healing and also as a fashion accessory. After this in the recent year scientific studies have been taken in India to determine the degree and mechanism of the healing powers of Rudraksha. In prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras, India, Dr. Subhas Rai published one of the best known research papers about Rudraksh. Some researcher confirmed that Rudraksha beads have dominant electromagnetic, paramagnetic and inductive properties. These properties describe the healing powers of Rudraksha bead. Furthermore it is retrieve to exhibit multifarious pharmacological activities like anti-inflammatory, analgesic, hypoglycemic, antiulcerogenic and very high antimicrobial activity. This review provides a scientific basis for pharmacological /medicinal properties and therapeutic uses of Elaeocarpus ganitrus. Keywords: Elaeocarpus ganitrus, Rudraksha, Mukhi, Elaeocarpaceae, Phytochemistry, Pharmacological.