Author(s): Piush Sharma*, Ganesh N. Sharma, B. Shrivastava, Hemant R. Jadhav

In the present work antioxidant activity of Telosma pallida leaf and stem extract was evaluated. The leaf and stem parts were individually extracted with different solvents. Preliminary phytochemica l screening of all the extracts was carried out. The present total phenolic contents were estimated by Folin- Ciocalteu reagent method and expressed as µg/mg of gallic acid equivalent. The antioxidant activity and reducing power of all the extracts were measured against DPPH as compared to standard ascorbic acid, and butylated hydroxy anisole respectively. The result data indicated that the phenolic contents were higher in methanolic extracts of leaf (60.13±0.28mg/g) followed by ethyl acetate (18.38±0.31mg/g), aqueous extract (18.08±0.45mg/g) and n-Hexane (4.11±0.18mg/g). The similar pattern in stem part was also observed i.e. methanolic extracts (77.10±0.28mg/g), ethyl acetate (28.00±0.38 mg/g), water (22.65±0.41mg/g) and n-Hexane (3.76±0.36 mg/g). The antioxidant capacity of methanolic extract of both the part i.e leaf and stem was found highest as IC50 values were 253.12±1.02, 158.43±0.48 respectively. The methanol extract of both parts also was found to exhibit maximum reducing capacity. The result data conclude that the higher antioxidant as well as reducing power may be due to present phenolic contents. Keywords: Telosma pallida, Antioxidant, Reducing Power, DPPH, IC50