Author(s): Dr. S.P.Dhanabal, Dr. Namrita Lall, N.Pavithra, M.V.N.L. Chaitanya

Plants have played a significant role in maintaining human health and improving the quality of human life from many years. In recent times, focus on plant research has increased all over the world a nd a large body of evidence has collected to show immense potential of medicinal plants used in various traditional systems. There are many herbs, which are used to treat cardiovascular problems, liver disorders, cancer and many disorders. In any cancer drug discovery program, a paradigm based on ethnobotanical and ethnopharmacological data would be more economical and beneficial in identifying potential anticancer molecules than mass screening of plant species. Therefore, this review strives to describe the literature on the traditional plants/potent molecules those have been proved to have anticancer activity and to provide an important platform to accelerate the anticancer drug discovery process. The plants were selected for this review based on Literature survey was performed via electronic search using pub med and Google, also based on the field survey and discussion with South Indian traditional health practitioners(THPS). The present review focuses on the important traditional plants which are having good anticancer potential can be a good bioprospecting tools for novel anticancer drug discovery. Hence the current review is focused on the important ethnopharmacological uses of important plants.