Author(s): Atneriya U K, Gupta M K, Jain Neetesh Kumar

Piroxicam is a long acting potent Non-Steroidal anti inflammatory drug with inflammatory potency and good analgesic-antipyretic action. It is a reversible inhibitor of COX lowers PG concentration in synovial fluid and inhibits platet aggregation prolonging bleeding time. In addition it decreases to IgM rehumatoid factor and leucocyte chemotaxis. Thus it can inhibit inflammation in diverse ways. It is practically insoluble in water and a biopharmaceutics classification system class II drug and exhibits a slow rate of dissolution in aqueous media, resulting in its poor oral bioavailability. Solid dispersion is widely used to increase the dissolution rate, and hence improving the bioavailability of poorly water soluble drugs. It is still a challenge for the formulation scientists to develop an oral dosage form of Piroxicam having a faster rate of dissolution. The present research work was aimed to develop a fast dissolving oral dosage form of Piroxicam for enhancing its bioavailability. The solid dispersion of Piroxicam was prepared by solvent evaporation technique using Poloxamer 188 as a carrier. The fast dissolving tablet of Piroxicam were developed using Piroxicam-Poloxamer 188 solid dispersion. The developed tablets of solid dispersion exhibited about a 10 fold enhancement in the dissolution rate resulting upto 98% drug release in 1hr. The problem of poor dissolution of Piroxicam could be successfully resolved through solid dispersion technique using Poloxamer 188 as a carrier. Procured drug sample of Piroxicam was characterized by melting point determination XRD and UV spectroscopy. The prepared solid dispersion was characterized using powder XRD techniques. The findings demonstrate that poloxamer 188 can successfully resolve the problem of slow dissolution and poor bioavailability of Piroxicam through solid dispersion approach. 

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