Author(s): Ashish Sharma* and Rohit Goyal

Schizophrenia is blatantly the most dreadful psychotic disorder we need to pry in, given its prototype symptoms, complex etiology, pathophysiology and treatment approaches. Furthermore, people in prime of their lives fall target to schizophrenia. This study reveals the general description and discusses diverse modes of the disease. The study advances with more focus on the mechanistic pathways and not only the conventional Neurotransmitter/Receptor theories, rather on newer neurodevelopmental approaches such as genetic susceptibility i.e. NRG-1 and DISC-1 and its associate biomolecules FES-1, NUDEL & LIS-1 standing, reelin association, DNA Methylation, calcineurin hypothesis, prenatal and perinatal manifestations & viral infections. Further this article encompasses classification of the clinical symptoms into positive, negative and cognitive deficit symptoms followed by the therapy for a clinically diagnosed schizophrenic patient and discussion of common paradox of FGAs and SGAs, considering the better efficacy with lesser EPS. It concludes with the brief discussion on need of compliance for the schizophrenic patients and how SGA Depot Injections are helpful for patients with poor compliance.