Author(s): Namita Sagar Girhepunje and Dr S.K.Tilloo

The aim of the present study was to estimate the bioactives from some marketed preparations of ginger especially with reference to gingerol and to compare with active constituents present in crude dr ug and estimation of the gingerol contents with the help of different analytical techniques like TLC, IR and UV spectrphotometry also evaluation of antibacterial activity of the marketed ginger preparations and to correlate it with gingerol contents. From the study, it was observed that the range of gingerol is from 90.08% to 104.92%w/w., which was found to be fairly compliant with the I.P. specifications i.e.90-120% w/w. These differences in the range of gingerol content suggest that there must be different exogenous and endogenous factors affecting the quality and purity of the drug, it is very essential, being vital and important. Due to this reason the need was generated for the pharmacological, phytochemical evaluation and standardization of various formulations available in the market. The present study was extended for determination of antibacterial property by cup plate method by taking Ofloxacine as a Standard.The sample of Green Pharmacy indicated that there was high antibacterial property. Hence from the result it was clear that presence of high amount of gingerol in ethanol extract (Green Pharmacy) Key words:-Ginger, gingerol, standardization, antibacterial