Author(s): Nnoli Martin Anazodo,JegedeOlushola, Nwabuko Collins.

An elderly 87 years old octogenarian, a Negroid male who was said to have been apparently in good health, a polygamist (married to two wives) with children. He was said to have died naturally after a night sleep without waking up the next day. The law enforcement agency was invited on the fateful day as the younger wife and children were suspicious of the first wife children. An inquest was sent to us as the investigation officers were doing their interrogation with each member of the family. It was on this course that they found out that the children of the first wife have perpetuated the act of murdering their father by hitting him at the back of the head and neck at mid night while asleep. The reason given was lack of attention to them in preference to the younger wife children needs. Keywords: Homicidal death, injuries to soft and skeletal injuries (Occipital).