Author(s): Padhan K Dipti, Samantaray Kiran, Mohanty Arnabaditya, Padhan Jyotirmayee

To study the topical analgesic activity of gel containing clove. Methods: The essential oil was extracted from flower bud of Eugenia cryphyllus. Topical gel containing essential oil was inv estigated for analgesic activity in albino rat using hot-plate method. Diclofenac sodium gel was taken as standard drug. Results: The analgesic activity of topical gel preparation was observed in the early phase. The analgesic activity of topical preparation containing 5% Eugenia cryphyllus essential oil showed same analgesic activity compare to standard drug diclofenac sodium (7.833±0.31) at 120 minutes, whereas the test drug showed significant activity (8.166±0.65) than the standard drug (6.5±0.34) at 180 minutes of application of drug by hot-plate method (p<0.001). Conclusion: Hence it may suggest that the essential oil of Eugenia cryphyllus attribute potent analgesic activity. Keywords: Clove gel, in vivo, hot plate method, tail immersion